Why Blog?

Why am I blogging?  I have a few intentions.  One, I love food…deeply and passionately.  I don’t love it in the “pig out on pizza and ice cream” kind of way.  I love it in the “Oh my God, that butter lettuce is gorgeous” way.  I want to share that love for unpackaged and unprocessed food with my friends and family and anyone that cares even a little.  Once upon a time, I drank Coors light,and ate Pizza Hut pizza, Dino nuggets in bulk from Costco dipped in ranch and popped diet pills like tic-tacs. But these were the days when I only needed 3 hours of sleep to make it through a day of work a.k.a. my early twenties.  About a decade later, add one husband and two kids and my body has transitioned from ultra-metabolism to  Oreo cookie hangovers.  Yes, after years of food abuse, my digestive track prefers that I avoid gluten, dairy, coffee and red wine.  If you are thinking, “What is there to live for?”, I often agree.  So, it has been about five years since this food journey began for me and now I have a  deep respect for the magical (well, actually scientific) powers of the almighty vegetable and I consider my juicer to be among my most valuable possessions. I relish the thought of feeding my kids and husband truly delicious and nourishing food.  However, I am a mom of two, a wife, a full-time student, a sister, a daughter, a grand-daughter and a friend to many, so my prep time from the garden or grocery store to the table needs to be efficient. My style of cooking, eating and feeding others is basic and sustainable for my lifestyle.  Nutrition has been a journey for me that still includes many not-so-healthy-but-very-indulgent  foods such as chocolate, coconut ice cream, white wine, etc. For me, this blog is the natural progression of my love of food backed up by some science and a lot of first-hand knowledge about what will keep you and your family happy at the dinner table and healthy for the rest of their lives. Currently, I am working on my Bachelors of Science, majoring in dietetics so I intend to share some of the “facts” on this blog as well. In the meantime, I throw this blog into the cyber cosmos to share recipes, foodie thoughts, interesting research, my personal opinions and spastic bouts of ramblings.  So here is my first recipe:

Hybrid Burgers

Most of my life I have been a vegetarian but after much research in the work of Dr. Weston Price, I have been convinced that a little meat can go a long way.  So, if your gonna eat meat, make it good.

1 lb grass fed organic ground beef (New Seasons or whole foods)…this can be substituted with turkey

3/4 cup gluten free oatmeal (Bob’s read mill)

3/4 cup shredded veggies (this can be any combo of zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, peeled broccoli stems etc)

1/4 cup of finely chopped fresh herbs, I use rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil and sage.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix all of this together and form patties.  I can usually get 4-5 adult sized patties from this.  Top with tomatoes, onions, and avocado.  I like pesto over ketchup but whatever floats your burger boat.


16 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. How in the world have you found time for blogging? Actually I don’t really care how you made the time, just glad you did. You post a very enjoyable, edible even, post. From a mom who loves lettuce and Price in the same way you do. XO Peg Freisinger

    • Yippee! I love that Bennett forwarded that to you. Well, I am on summer break so I have some more time on my hands. I hope to blog once a week during the school year. Hope you and you fam are great! Can’t wait for the newest addition!

    • Wow, it sounds like you are a busy mama. Are you guys doing gluten free for Bo now? It can be tricky, but i love it. The Babycakes NYC cookbook kicks butt for gluten free treats. Oh any Bob’s Red Mill which is head quartered right by my house makes gluten free brownie and cookie mixes. Gotta love it! Hope you are all well!!!!

  2. My heart sings at the sight of an heirloom tomato. Chia seeds are the hot new superfood!!
    I have recipes up the ying yang….Vegie soup and 4 grain casserole are famous.

  3. LOVE the recipes because I have been priveleged to try most of them 🙂 and they are absolutely to rave about and the whole blog is really enjoyable, as it flows well, and reaches out in an easy-to-relate-to way!!

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