Let the cleanse preparations begin

Hi All,

We are just about two weeks away from January 3rd, a.k.a. GO TIME!  This is the day where you will commit to yourself and your fellow cleansers to toss the toxic crap out of your cupboards and promise your body to feed it nourishing organic whole foods for 21 incredible days  (and hopefully more).  There will be three cleansing levels.  You will find the level that best suits you based on your current lifestyle and make a plan.  There will be green juice, journaling, exercise and mountains of salads and brown rice and in the end you will feel like a rock star.  Notice that I said in the end because in the beginning you are going to feel like “booty barf” (a brand new term that I picked up from a three-year old yesterday).  So, for those of you that have been on the email list since the beginning, the next few posts are copies of those emails so everyone can catch up.  Below is the first email.  Over the next few days I will post the other two emails and then we will be caught up and ready to move on.

Please stay up to date on these posts because there will be instructions on things that you need to order/pick up so you are ready for Jan. 3.  If you are unprepared it is just too easy to throw in the towel.  Also, remember to add yourself as a follower to the blog or you will not get updates!  Enough already….here is EMAIL #1

“Hello Lovelies,
A few of my girls and I are doing a cleanse in January and I am directing the fun…YIPPEEEE!  So, I am sending out this invite to all of you to join us and please pass the invite along to anyone that you know that might be interested.  Now, it is only December 6th, so you have some time to think about it but, if you are at all interested I would love to know as soon as possible.  There are many pre-cleanse phases and things to think about before we actually start cleaning out our incredible bods. While you will likely lose weight during a cleanse, that is not at all the focus so please do not mistake the intention of our cleanse.
Everyday most of us consume many food that nourish us but also carry a toxic load.  That load is stored in tissues throughout your body.  Because of the high toxic load of our food and environment, it is pretty hard for our cleansing organs (ie kidneys, liver etc.) to take care of all of the mess so it is nice to give them a break.  We also aim to give our digestive track a needed vacation which leaves the body some extra energy to do things like clear up acne, rebuild tissue, heal chronic headaches and other dis-ease, eliminate fatigue etc.  Occasionally you may drop a mole or skin tag (or some excess fat) out of the blue…spooky things happen on a cleanse.
Now, if your cleanse is done right and your body is prepared well and you take care to nourish your body throughout the cleanse you will truly experience your optimal health and vitality.  Then you get to choose what you add back into your diet on the back end.  A cleanse is no joke…it is intense and that is why it is nice to have the support of other people that are experiencing the highs and lows together.  If you decide to join the cleanse-a-thon…you will be able to stay in touch on a blog or just read what the rest of us are saying.  I will also provide the cleanse plan and recipes. 
This is a JUICE cleanse which also include smoothies and raw soups….you do not have to have a juicer to partake in the action…just a blender and you’re golden!  If you decide to cleanse, I will be recommending that you moderate your social calendar and make some time for yoga, walking, prayer, meditation etc. ( Are you freaked out yet?)  Trust me, it is worth it!!!!!  Lastly and most importantly, you can choose to cleanse with us for a few days up to 3 weeks (no we won’t be drinking juice for 3 weeks…we are eating most of that time).  Whatever your goal, I will have a plan for you!
XO to all~


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