More juicy details….


Here is the 2nd email with more cleansing info: (If you have no idea what I am talking about, see 12/18 post)

Hello my health-seeking friends….
Some of you have responded as an absolute YES to the January cleanse, some of you are avoiding me (I know who you are) and some of you missed my first email, my fault, so you are getting the round 2 email.  Well, I officially finished fall term this morning with a biology exam and so naturally I am gearing up for my next project, directing our super-awesome, incredibly liberating, feel stupendous, kick-ass New Years cleanse! And I am assuming you are gearing up too!  My first email was intentionally vague but here are some more details….

‘Tis the season for peppermint flavored coffee drinks, spirits, appetizers galore, not enough sleep, tons of sweets and charging up your credit cards (if you still have one of those).  Well, January is the hangover, right?   Credit cards bills, extra pounds, cravings, low energy and resolutions…I hate resolutions.  This year, scrap the guilt and self-loathing and try vitality and wellness.  This is NOT a one size fits all cleanse, this is a personally tailored cleanse that is all about you. So, here is a general idea of what this is going to look like.  Over the next two weeks we will be assessing our habits, our health and what things we want to see change, i.e. more energy, ridding ourselves of headaches, skin problems or other dis-ease. Depending on where you are at with diet, exercise and overall health, we will create a plan that improves those aspects of your life.  THIS IS NOT A 21 DAY juice cleanse, but if you want to add some time in the middle of your cleanse for juice only (3-7 days) then that will be an option.  For people that already avoid sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and meat or those that have cleansing experience, your ride will be a lot different than you swanky ducks that eat out daily, drink your dinner and super start your day with a 20 oz vanilla latte ( yes, I know exactly who I am talking to right now you sassy vixen and so do you).  Here is the goal, cut out all of the crap, learn to prepare and consume food that does what it is supposed to do, give you toxin free fuel and nutrients to nourish your precious body so you can be full of life all day (no afternoon naps).   You deserve it and the people you love deserve and healthy happy you!  You also do not have to commit to 21 days, maybe you are planning on starting with a week and seeing how that goes, hey, anything is better than nothing!

Alright, a few other notes…you will likely lose weight, yay…except if you don’t need to lose weight and if that is the case, please don’t use this as a means to finding our inner and outer Twiggy.  You will need to stock up on healthy fats like nuts and avocados to take the place of ice cream and french fries.  Go date is Jan. 3rd so we will have two days post alcohol binge to clean up our act before we get down to business.  In the meantime,

1. Try to read Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr (This cleanse mixes parts of CSD, Beauty Detox and my own cleanse experience)  This book will give you the background about why this is so important and how you can change your life on a cellular level with the food you eat.  It is a funny and easy read and you will be very prepared for 1/3.

2. Start paying attention to ingredients on the food you buy for home and think about what you are ordering when you are out.  Try to downsize your caffeine and sugar intake.  Hard to do around the holidays but you will thank yourself…remember, every time you eat meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, vital nutrients are leeched out of your bones and tissues to neutralize your blood…now that is not sexy.

OK, that is all for now….in the next few days we will be continuing this conversation via my blog where we can share comments.  Support is vital when you are cleansing, especially on those days you want to shove a candy bar in your face and throw your juicer out the frickin window.  (PS you do NOT need a juicer, just a handy blender will do)

Now go outside and take a walk…soak up the sun and some vitamin D!
Cheers to health and merriment!

PPS….if I have not heard back from you with a definite yes or no…I am going to keep you in the loop…my way of nudging you because I love you…you know who you are too!

PPPS  This is not for girls…this is for humans that want to feel great…please don’t make this a male female thing…you are too smart for that!  Get your men involved….


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