Recipes for my peeps!

Hi Peeps,

This post officially contains email #3. So if you are reading, you are caught up and we are moving on! All you eager beavers out there are ready to get cooking so this email gives you an all-access pass to my recipe collection (which is growing, but takes a lot of time to input so have patience).  I am trying to cook all of the recipes before I put them on the site but that is not totally possible so give me your reviews, love or hate.  Also, my husband can confirm that I do not use recipes…I cook “intuitively” as my midwife Rebecca would say which means that you never get the same meal twice from me.  So, putting a recipe down on paper for me is like pulling out my arm hair out…I HATE IT I will get better, promise.  When you venture out in to the world of google to find your own recipes for the cleanse, here are your parameters.  VEGAN and UNPROCESSED and GLUTEN-FREE which means that you are avoiding soy, nut cheese, sugar, etc.  When you look at recipes ideally you want nothing from a can or box (unless your rice or quinoa come in a box).  Yes, I said nothing from a can (which are lined with BPA aka poison, more on that soon).

Here are a few great sites for recipes: ( some of her recipes are very processed…some are great…beware)



So, you do not have to depend on me for all of your recipes you just have to play by the rules and if you find a winner, share it with us! OK, onto email 3…or I will keep on blithering for days:

Hi Guys and Girlies,

Many of you have already emailed and asked for recipes so here is my recipe site, like an online recipe box.
user name: megan
password: eloise

I post recipes on this site and then choose the ones that I want to make for the week and it generates a shopping list for me. ( Just added raw granola bars and some yummy curry) You are welcome to add recipes to my site or start your own and take the ones that you like from me.  If you add recipes to my site just keep them whole food and gluten-free please. 

OK, for those of you that are really busy or cooking for one etc…here is a trick that I use for myself for lunches.  Each week I make up 3 cups of brown rice, 2-3 cups of quinoa and some black beans (which need to be soaked over night to remove phytic acid which blocks nutrient absorption).  Keep those cooked items in your fridge.  When you get hungry mix some quinoa with chopped veggies, olive oil, garlic etc.  I throw tomatoes, salsa, avocado and chopped chard on brown rice for a really quick meal.   They are really great and filling dinners that keep you sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy free and happy!  Also fabulous for a quick burrito for the kids.  Nothing wrong with throwing avocado, sprouts, cucumber etc in a lettuce wrap or nori (seaweed) wrap and dipping it in tamari ( gluten free soy sauce).  Braggs liquid aminos is another great substitute for soy sauce too. (READ INGREDIENTS, GLUTEN IS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING).  My new favorite sauce for everything from dressing to rice bowls to wraps is Yumm sauce from Cafe Yumm but it is SUPER spendy so you can use the Mmmm sauce recipe from Peas and Thank you ( also on pepper clip) as a mock sauce…it is really close and deliciously vegan!

One other thing that I want to mention…oil is really important.  But you need to know what oil to use for different jobs.  Please cook with coconut oil or grapeseed oil.  They can tolerate high heat without going rancid and turning to trans fat. Olive oil is so delicious but should only be used raw as dressing or to drizzle on grains etc.  (Or on your skin during these dry winter days)

OK, that is all I have for you today!  Healthy and happy eating to all.


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