What is whole food?

This is a long one so curl up with a blanket and hot cup of tea…it is worth it, I promise.

Imagine that this is the year 1700…that is what I mean by whole food.  We have not yet figured out how to take perfectly good nutritional food and denature it.  Here is the dealio…when you eat an apple you receive energy (also called calories or kcal).  This means that your body can produce energy to sustain your life by breaking down the sugars in the apple within your cells by way of cellular respiration. The basic equation is sugar (eat) and oxygen (breathe in) break down in our little friend the mitochondria who will trade those molecules in for energy, heat (98.6 degrees sound familiar?), water (around 60% of your body) and carbon dioxide (breath out).  But wait, if you eat a bag of M and M’s the same thing will happen so what is the difference?

Apples come packed with water, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Some of these vitamins and minerals are called “essential” because your body cannot make them so you have to get them from food or sun (vitamin D). When you eat an apple, kale, carrot, lettuce, turnip, beet, etc. you get energy plus all of the other important nutrients that our bodies need to survive.  With whole food you get very little waste which often comes in the form of insoluble fiber. This fiber helps to move waste through the intestines.  If you are eating organic produce then you are also avoiding many of the toxic chemicals that are present in heavy doses on some inorganic produce due to pesticides and herbicides.

Back to those delicious M and M’s.  So, eat the caloric equivalent in M and M’s that you ate in apples or kale and what do you get?  You get food that spikes your blood sugar because sugar hits the blood stream quickly due to a lack of fiber which slows digestion.  You also get food dye which seems to aggravate many health conditions like Autism, ADD, arthritis, etc.  There are many other ingredients in M and M’s but most of them are considered toxic by your cells so along with your energy creating mitochondria, your cell works overtime excreting toxins via the endoplasmic reticulum….I love that little organelle.  I can thank my ERs for gracefully handling my years of diet pills and Coors light. The ER will expand if you make a habit of taking in toxins and then shrinks when your toxic load lessens.  The ER is partially responsible for tolerance to alcohol, drugs and caffeine.

So, what happens if you occasionally eat M and M’s?  Your body deals with it, you may get a little sugar spike but you should be back to normal pretty quickly (as I have mentioned before, the sugar will still spike your blood sugar causing your bones and teeth to give up calcium and phosphorus which buffer your blood stream and neutralize pH….hello osteoporosis). However, if you are eating candy, drinking coffee, soda and alcohol and eating processed foods everyday your body is saturated with toxins and poisons. When you cleanse, all of those toxins will be kicked up and dumped back into your blood stream where they will hang out until they either absorb back into your cells or are excreted.

When you cleanse you have to drink water and make sure that you are pooping….get ready for the potty talk.   Please make sure to drink at least 96 oz. of water a day and if you are not visiting the toilet at least once to three times a day to poop then you need to take a supplement of oxidized magnesium throughout the first week or two of the cleanse (I use Colozone).  You have to get the junk out or you will continue to feel like junk….make sense? Some other great ways to get toxins out are sitting in the sauna, taking yoga classes, exercising, dry brushing, enemas and colonics. Here is the lesson….if you are not pooping you are not cleansing…so if you have a problem, email me separately so we can talk about that.

Back to food…here is your whole food cheat sheet. The food that goes in your mouth grows in the ground without chemicals. The fewer steps between the earth and our mouth, the better.  Fruits and veggies as wells as legumes and grains can all be made into tasty meals and they never have to touch plastic, cans or processing plants.  The longer food sits around between harvest and your stomach the more nutrients are lost, even when you are buying Kale at Whole foods, you have lost valuable days in transit.  So, imagine how little nutrition your food has after sitting on a shelf for a year.  This is why our food manufacturers enrich your food with things like thiamine, riboflavin etc.  But it is not the same quality of micronutrient that is naturally provided by the earth’s soil.  So, eat whole food.

Now I know I said that I would have a meal plan for you today but I just got two new and very awesome cook books so I will input a bunch of new recipes onto pepperclip.com today and have your meal plan example tomorrow.  Forgive me.  Until tomorrow friends…eat well!


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