Are you ready?

OK, in all fairness, you cannot be totally ready because I have not provided the supplement list for you that I promised. I apologize but I spent the weekend without internet….well without my computer, I still compulsively checked email on my phone.  However, I was not about to attempt this list on my phone so here it is, finally.

Supplements….Get out your pill box people:

So, I used to believe that if our body was meant to have it we would get it from our food and therefore I rendered supplements useless…oh but I have learned.  Sometimes you need supplements because of your food choices such as B-12 for vegetarians.  And sometimes you need supplements because although you are eating the right foods, your body does not absorb your food optimally, which pretty much applies to all of us these days.  While this is a hot topic between scientists and doctors, it is my belief based on my research that due to our antibiotic overload that kills gut flora and the overwhelming toxic load that we experience everyday from radiation to air pollution, not to mention your tap water, the lining of our intestines do not function as optimally as they should. We also eat way too much at each sitting causing our body to get overwhelmed.

Then there is the issue of enzymes.  There are different enzymes that break down starches, proteins, and fats. What happens if you are not making enough of those enzymes to digest the food you are eating?  You need to supplement your enzymes, right?  OK, well I am not going to go too far into this; there are lots of resources online that you can look up if you are concerned (I read and trust Dr. Mercola….sign up for his blog if you want to get smarter about your health and have all of the science to back it up).  My supplements give me piece of mind that I am getting what I need and I physically feel a difference.

Here is my list:

Multi-vitamin – This is a must….please buy a plant based blend from whole foods or new seasons etc…NOT a cheapo brand.  You want to make sure that it is plant based and that it does not have a bunch of additives.

B-12 – I am always low even when I have eaten meat in the past so I take B-12 daily (mostly). During this 3 week vegan cleanse, you will want to take a B-12 supplement to keep your energy up. B-12 is naturally found in soil but since we wash our vegetables and fruit and cows don’t, they get B-12 from greens and we do not.

Vitamin D3 – Until I started a D3 supplement of 5000 IUD/day I would get really depressed right around January every year.  I guess that is when I ran out of my D surplus.  Listen, we don’t see the sun in this state for 9 – 10 months out of the year…you need to help your body produce this hormone-like-vitamin.  It will change your life if you are low.  If you live in a sunny state you probably still need some if you are not getting 20 minutes of sun a day and even then, you may not get enough.

***** I just want to take a little break here….B-12 and D are vital but they are also something you don’t want to get to get too much of either.  If you take the daily does (For vitamin D, naturopaths will tell most people to take 4000-5000 IUD, children need 400/day) you are likely going to be better than you are now.  The best thing that you can do is see a good naturopath that will test all of your levels…I have a great doc in PDX and I am willing to share her if you need a name.

OK, moving on…

Probiotics – These help replenish all of the good flora that we were talking about above.  These are a must for my kids and me.  Really, these will help you in so many ways, digestion, immune system, brain function, etc.

Digestive enzymes – I take these with each meal to help my body break down the food that eat efficiently enough for me to absorb it.

Vitamin E – I take this daily because it is a great antioxidant that helps with heart health, respiratory health, brain function and more.  I take 400 IUD/day.

OK, I also take a calcium magnesium supplement.  This is a great natural muscle relaxer that helps me sleep and keeps everything moving in my body.  If you are stressed out, then this is a great supplement for you! (Ha ha, who isn’t right?)

There are a million more supplements…these are the supps that I take and that I know that I need.  You are going to do better and feel better in general with these gems.  But again, the best thing you can do is see a naturopath that will test all of our levels, not one of us it the same, right?

As for when to take your supps…I take mine with lunch and I do carry them in a pill organizer in my purse.  If you try to take them in the morning then your stomach may get sick because you are only drinking your breakfast.  If you try to take them with dinner, the vitamins may make you wired, especially after you are cleaned out.

Some other helpful additions to your cleanse are Super green powders like spirulina.  There are mixes at good food stores that contain a bunch of green foods that are dehydrated and crushed into powder.  You can use these are an addition but not in place of your juices/smoothies. If you eat a good whole food diet for the next three weeks you should not need extra protein but if you are worried you can always get a good protein powder, or add hemp seeds or bee pollen to your drinks (go to your local co-op for these….don’t be afraid…co-ops are very exciting!).

There is a good oil that I like but especially if you are one of my breast-feeding moms on this cleanse.  It is called Udos 369 with omega’s 3, 6 and 9 in it ( bet you could not tell by the title).  It will provide an adequate balance of Omegas, which we do not get in our Standard American Diet.

Onto the summary:  If you are getting nervous, don’t! You can do this, this is not a punishment, this is a gift and trust me, right around day 5, it starts to feel better than a new pair of shoes….or skinny jeans.

1. Your mental health – 10 minutes of meditation, prayer, yoga each morning….don’t’ skip this or everything else will be harder. Also, journal….keep it with you and write down what you eat, what you like and don’t like, how you feel, what you are missing and why, questions for the blog.  Stay in touch with your fellow cleansers…we are up to about 35 now so show your support!

2. Move your body – You need to get oxygen to your cells so please exercise at least 3-4 days a week…shoot for 5.  A 15 minute brisk walk at lunch counts but try for 30 a day!  Moving also helps get the entire junk out.

3. Eating – Juice for breakfast, salads, wraps, smoothies (raw food) for lunch, vegan for dinner, can be cooked in week 1.  Limit your processed foods….Tortilla chips are vegan but do you think they are acceptable….NO!  Make your shopping list and get everything out of the house that is tempting.  My whole family is cleansing because there is no way I am eating rice for dinner and feeding them pizza.  PS There are a few recipes that involve honey and maple syrup…those are OK for week one…that does not mean you can drink the syrup for a sugar fix….only in the recipes like stir fry!

4. Cleansing -So cleansing is actually the removal of the toxins so you need to drink 96 ounces of water a day and make sure you are pooping.  If you are not, please take oxidized magnesium.  Also, you can sit in a sauna, do colonics, and get a massage; I plan to do all three thank you.  Get the toxins out…..any way you can.  I will be trying colonics for the first time so trust me, you will be hearing about that in a couple of weeks.

OK, please feel free to blog questions or email me directly at I will do my best to help you.  Also, the next few days are going to be hard but it gets easier.  Every time I fall into a slump of eating poorly, a salad sounds disgusting to me and I don’t have any interest in juicing (even though I force myself to do it anyway).  After 1 day of eating well I don’t crave the processed foods so just know that your body will adapt and so will your brain.

Ready, Set, Go!


2 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. I’m very excited for the fun to begin! Thank you very much for getting everyone motivated for this! Did I read that soy products and nut cheeses are off limits during the cleanse as well? Also, I’m very interested to hear about your experience with colonics. Are you doing them yourself or do you go somewhere for this?? So many questions……

    • Yes nut cheese and soy products are off limits…I would say that a little organic tofu is probably fine but just don’t make it a staple. Just think…is this processed? I am going to a colonic hydrotherapist and I will definitely share the details…well ok, not all of the details, but the important ones. Cheers to smoothies!

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