Day 1 ~ Check, check and check

Good night of sleep, hot water with lemon, 10  minute meditation (which almost killed me).

Meditation is like exercise, sleep and sex.  For some reason I avoid it but whenever I do it, I wonder why I don’t do it more cause it feels oh so good.  For those of you that are secretly telling yourself that you can scrap the meditation component, I will just say that you are cheating yourself out of a sound mind and a loving heart.  Because I struggle with both of those things on a daily basis, I find if I am disciplined enough to start my day with meditation, my mind and heart thank me.  So here is a quick tip on meditation.  Set a kitchen timer or your cell phone timer for 10 minutes. Sit comfortably wherever you can and wrap up in a blanket if necessary.  You don’t want to be cold or uncomfortable.  If you are like me, your mind will immediately go to a dark place, like your grocery list or organizing your day in 15 minute increments.  Its OK, just breath.  When you inhale, imagine soft golden light coming in through your nose and surrounding our heart.  This light allows for space around your heart.  When you exhale imagine black smoke leaving your body through your back.

When I was little and could get stressed out my mom used to rub my back and say breathe in clean clear air and breath out the smoke.  I don’t think either of us knew that we were meditating, but we were and it still works today.  After my second child was born and I was under a heap of personal and emotional stress, I found a meditation guide in Portland and for the short time that I stayed committed to getting up at 5 am and meeting him to meditate between breast feedings, the meditation above is what we practiced.  It was very effective and day by day the nasty tightening around my chest and heart subsided.  So, I am committing to this for at least 21 days.  Let’s do it together!

Have a beautiful day!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 ~ Check, check and check

  1. Oh my! I love your blog, I don’t need to write what is in my head, because you are! Great to see that you even read the same stuff as me. Good for you, you are an amazing woman!

    • Ha, that is hilarious because I am having lunch with your mom next week and when I ran into her I told her that if I would not have had you to mentor me through pregnancy and early the childhood of my kiddos, I would not even be into all of this…so credit goes to you lady…keep spreading the love of health!

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