Day 3 – Almost over the hump

Good morning! If you are battling cravings, withdrawals, headaches or overall fogginess, by day 5 you should feel great, so this is hump-day!

8am – drank hot water with lemon….no meditation, no smoothie.

I just could not get out of bed an hour before the rest of my family today, so meditation will have to happen a little bit later today. For me, flexibility is the key to not completely freaking out.  I love structure and rules and punishing myself when I don’t follow those rules.  Cleansing is a time for cleaning out the junk, even if it is just bad habits like punishing myself because thank you cards did not get sent the day after Christmas.

So today, I thought it would be good to do a little recap of some of the questions, comments and tips that I have been receiving thus far.  If you are religiously reading the blog and all comment then some of these will be repeats but I am assuming that most of you have a life and maybe are not connected to the blog all day like I am.  Also, below you will see adorable picture of my chickens and a totally unrelated recipe for roasted root veggies, my favorite side dish!

1. Weight – Why am I not losing weight or why am I gaining weight…how is this possible?  While this cleanse is not a diet, for many of you this will be a reduction in calories as well as a means for your body to excrete waste that it has been holding.  However, you will not necessarily lose weight right away.  If you have drastically changed your eating habits your body can go into a preservation mode in which it releases chemicals that hold onto fat.  As you stick with your cleanse, the body will adjust. I can liken this to the morning after a big meal when you wake up feeling like you are starving when normally you are not very hungry in the morning.  The body adjusts to its feeding pattern, good, bad or ugly.  After a few days your body should even out and start to drop pounds and waste so have patience friends.  Also, if you are a person that owns a scale you MUST limit yourself to once a week.  Weighing yourself daily is a means to misery…don’t do it…fluctuations in water weight will change your number on the scale and who wants to start the day being pissed off about water weight.  Remember, this cleanse is to create a healthier body so let that be your focus…dieting for weight-loss is too narrow a view and seldom works long-term.

2. Do I need a juicer if I have a Vita Mix – From what I hear the Vita mix will pulverize your produce and make it into a nice smooth smoothie but it does still contain all of the fiber.   The juicer is different because it removes all of the fiber.  To be honest I love juice and I love how it makes me feel. It goes right to the blood and makes me feel zippy. It is easier on the body because you really don’t have to digest much at all.  However, it is a lot more expensive to juice because you lose a lot of your mass in fiber that is expelled and you can definitely live without a juicer.  But as I said, I love juice so I do both smoothies and juice.

3. Calcium– Earlier in one of the posts I mentioned taking Calcium-Magnesium which is what I was given by my acupuncturist to relieve muscle pain after a car accident.  However, I have often wondered if I actually need the calcium part for the magnesium part to work.  There is a lot of science coming out about the dangers of calcium supplements because over-calcification looks like it is causing clogged arteries and adding to atherosclerosis.  I do not think that calcium supplements are necessary at all. I also think diary is counter-productive as it can cause acidity in the blood which forces calcium and phosphorus out of the bones and teeth.  I will get more into detail about that later.  Anyway, my friend Shelley, super-mom and super-chiropractor, sent me a note about the magnesium that she and her family take which does not have calcium and she says it works like a charm.  It is called Natural Calm and she also recommends their vitamins from Organic Life.  I trust the heck out of this woman, she is a research junkie and I can probably credit her completely for my love of all things natural because she led me into the world of health by introducing me to her midwives during my first pregnancy…so there is my shout out!

4. Headaches and withdrawals – I received a great tip that buffered vitamin C can help with these nasty symptoms so if you are struggling, pop over to your natural food store and pick some up, you are not going to hurt yourself with a little extra vitamin C, in fact you will boost your immune system!

5. Do I recommend being vegan – OK PEOPLE, LISTEN UP!  I don’t recommend vegetarianism or veganism…I recommend whole, unprocessed foods with tons of raw veggies and fruit.  The reason that this cleanse is vegan is because meat and dairy take the body up to 12 hours to digest and that is a lot of work for the body.  We are letting the body take a break.  However, I have been known to drive an hour each way for raw organic milk and pasture raised chicken.  I am not eating meat right now because I want to know how it feels for my body but I am not committed to a vegan lifestyle.  I have done A LOT of research about this and my conclusion is this:  We are all different and have different needs but nobody needs McDonalds, Panda Express, Soda or Starbucks.  If we choose to eat animal products, we should choose them responsibly from local farmers that raise their animals humanely.  I don’t recommend eating meat more than twice a week but animal products daily and in moderation are fine.  I say YES to pasture raised organic chicken eggs and I believe in things like fish oil, krill oil and the occasional sushi binge.  If you want more info on this then I can dedicate an entire post to where to find health animal products such as raw dairy, CSA’s for meat etc. …let me know!

Ok, onto the recipe and keep those questions and comments coming!


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Peel and slice 4 cups of root veggies and cube them into 1 inch cubes.  My favorite roots are turnips, parsnips, carrots, and beets.  Sometimes I throw in some brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.


1 tbsp. grape seed oil

2 tbsp. fresh rosemary

1 tbsp. fresh thyme

1 cube of vegan veggie bullion

5 garlic cloves

1/2 c filtered water

Pour over veggies, toss to evenly distribute sauce and roast for 45 min- 60 minutes.  Check with a fork to make sure they are cooked to desired consistency, they are also good a little crunchy so don’t overcook too much!  So good on a cold and rainy night! You can eat these veggies after a big salad and call it dinner.  My kids love them with ketchup! (Of course that is organic with no high fructose corn syrup)


9 thoughts on “Day 3 – Almost over the hump

  1. I have both a juicer and the vitamix. I like having both. Sometimes a clean, smooth, light juice sounds good and sometimes a more hearty, thicker smoothie is in order. The vitamix is definitely a faster choice in regards to clean up since there isn’t any waste and it’s as simple as washing out a blender versus the cleanup involved with the juicer.

  2. I would LOVE an entire post on where to find healthy animal products, CSAs, etc. Jeremy says he will always be a carnivore, and sometimes I need to be one too. 🙂

  3. PS…I decided to use this week as my pre-cleanse week since my pre-cleanse didn’t go so well over the holidays. I’m eating vegan and no processed foods or gluten/soy, but haven’t started the juicing phase. I am going to start that this weekend!

  4. Yes! Please do a post on healthy animal products. I’m not interested in vegan or vegetarian, but I am interested in better choices for my body. I’d love to hear about what you’ve discovered!

  5. Thanks so much Megan! I am feeling ok — just made amazing hummus and am doing the stir fry (extra veggies — I overdid the rice noodles last time…) tonight. My husband walked in the door the other night and just shook his head – in 15 years he’s never seen so many veggies in our house. No complaints here!

  6. I was wondering what all this headache talk was about until last night…..its pretty bad too. I had it on and off all day today Im pretty proud of myself I survived an all day meeting today including a buffet lunch (gross) and pretty much stayed on track with bringing a few snacks of my own. After the meeting I got asked to grab a drink and eagerly said yes then I remembered I was on a clense and declined.
    Question…if I want to do a simply juice (im doing the smoothies everday) just as an alternative what should I do? Id like to get some some weight loss out of this so what do you think?

  7. I would be interested in the info on CSAs and better meats!
    Tonight I had some quinoa and roasted veggies. I did the roasted chicken for Eric and I plan on making the soup. Eric loved the chicken recipe…I have never roasted a whole chicken and I was excited about it. In order to accommodate my eating I roasted the vegetables separately.

    I find that I have been getting really hungry between dinner and lunch. I have been snacking on cashews…any other suggestions? I’m allergic to tree nuts so I have to be careful about products having tree nuts.

    Eric is not participating in the cleanse with me but he is kind of doing his own…no alcohol and fast food. Do you have any other recipes that can kind of be cooked together but meet the components of both of our diets right now? Just like Kristen posted, Eric will be a carnivore. 🙂

    Thanks Megan!

    • Great work Nita! As for the snacking, here are two other options that you could try. If you are eating salad or raw food for lunch, try upping the serving size so you are really satiated and make sure that you have olives or avocado on it so you have some good healthy fats. Also, while your body is adjusting to more produce and less of everything else you may be hungrier but see if you can lay off nuts if you need to snack and do raw veggie sticks dipped in salsa or hummus. While nuts are healthy they are packed with fat, albeit healthy fat, it is still fat and it takes longer to digest than veggies and is less filling. Not to mention, adding more raw veggies means adding more vitamins, minerals and helpful enzymes!

      As for juggling cooking for a family, here is my advice, try to make tasty food that does not have meat a few nights a week (I will have a blog about making pizza tomorrow) but when you need to feed your man some meat think of foods that traditionally can go either way and are easy to adapt. Here are some examples; Taco salad or rice bowls that can easily be vegan and packed with rice, beans, veggies, salsa and yumm sauce but can also have some organic chicken, shrimp of beef added. Spaghetti made with quinoa noodles with ground turkey in half of the sauce (or a trick from my BFF Chelsea, sub out the meat for ground cannelloni beans and your man won’t know the diff). I will try to dedicate a blog to adapting food for a family and give some more recipes! Keep up the good work!

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