Day 4 – Pizza Party

Day 4 –

8am – hot water with lemon, smoothie half consumed, slept in again…no meditation…not good

Salad alternative

My favorite salad alternative

By today, you should have all experienced most of the nasty detox symptoms for the first round.  If you go raw next week you may have another round of detox.  Often it comes in waves, headaches, breakouts, muscle cramps or pain etc.  Just know that this is your body forcing toxins out of your cells and back into the blood stream so you can get rid of the poison.  I had a lot of emails, texts and blogs posts about really debilitating headaches so Day 3 must have been the magic headache day.  Remember as these symptoms arise, avoid Advil and Tylenol and go for a double dose of magnesium and double dose of vitamin C.  Drink lots of water.  The goal is to get the stuff out!

So, last night I had a friend coming over but I only had 15 minutes to get food ready between my arrival home and her arrival for dinner so I thought…Pizza that is easy.  But that does not sound like a cleanse-approved meal, right?  Here is how we did it so it worked for everyone.  I picked up Udi’s gluten free pizza crust.  Then made up some sauce by mixing 1 cup of sugarless, dairy free marinara with 2 tbsp. tomato paste and a little oregano and garlic powder.  Then I set up the kitchen counter as a pizza bar with organic mozzarella cheese, for my guest and my kids, feta, spinach, tomatoes, olives and fresh basil.  I made a big salad and warmed up the left over roasted roots from the day before. My pizza consisted of marinara, spinach, basil, tomatoes and olives.  Then I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top for some cheesy flavor.  I ate salad and veggies first and then filled up the rest of my belly on super tasty pizza.  My kids loved making their own pizza and I loved knowing that it was free of high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, gluten and preservatives. I should have taken a picture but it was all gone too fast.

So, another cleanse buddy told me that she had gone to Cafe Yumm today and then mentioned that I should do a blog with good restaurants around town that work with the cleanse or that have good options for those of us that are on the go.  So here goes.  My favorites are Prasad (NW Davis), Blossoming Lotus (NE 15th), and Cafe Yumm (  There is an awesome vegetarian cafe out in Bethany Village called Sweet Lemon which happens to be right next to a kick-butt yoga studio called Santosha ( )  owned and operated by my good friend Dina.  Make an afternoon of it and do yoga and lunch!  My other staples include New Seasons and Whole foods where you can find tons of pre-made options or just hit the salad bar.  However, for more ideas here is a site that allows you to look up vegan and vegetarian restaurants everywhere!  Check it out .

My last little note today is that although I LOVE salads and can pretty much each a greekish salad (see pepperclip) with  “tangy Greek salad dressing” everyday, sometimes I get the urge for a sandwich so here is a filling and delicious lunch alternative to the salad that still gets you a good dose of greens. (see pic above)

2 slices of toasted Udi’s bread

1/2 small avocado

1/4 cup sprouts

2 romaine lettuce leaves

1/2 roma tomato sliced

4 thin slices of cucumber

6 Greek olives sliced in half

1 tbsp. organic hummus

Slather mashed avocado on one slice of bread and hummus on the other, Fill the middle with veggies.  Note, press the olives into the hummus side so they don’t fall out!

Have another awesome and healthy day!  You’re doing great! Remember, your body is so super happy with your choices so stay the course!!!!



4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Pizza Party

  1. Just made my first homemade Yumm bowl. Fantastic! Thanks for the lists of restaurants. This will help keep many of us on track.

    • Finn and I ate at Cafe Yumm today…delicious but ya know, it is just as god when I make it at home. I bought the big jug of Yumm sauce as a treat for my first week back at school!

      • Yes, I bought the sauce when I was there and have made a few at home. Had family over last night and they all were watching me put my bowl together and then wanted to taste it.

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