Day 7 – Not feeling the cleanse love from your family?

9pm long day….more on that below

Well, we are finishing up week one.  How is everyone feeling?  I have had a lot of great feedback from people that they are feeling amazing.  That is what I like to hear.  The first week can be hard for so many reasons but once we get over the hump, it is so awesome to feel energetic and clearheaded, right?

Many of us drug our spouses, partners, family and friends down the cleanse road to health with us so we could have some support at home, in the workplace or even just via text message.  When it comes to rallying the troops to cleanse, I am a total pusher.  Partially because I want everyone that I love to be healthy and feel great and partially because I would rather not see my husband eating an ice cream cone while I nibble carrots. However, not all of us were that lucky.  Some of us are not only dealing with the hardships of changing our habits and eating food that we typically associate with rabbit food, but we are also dealing with the challenge of staring the chocolate cake in the face, literally.  Here is a great pic of my Stepmom’s kitchen.  My Dad is not exactly on board with the cleanse and he is not hiding it…notice the Chocolate AND Carrot Cake.  We were all staring those cakes in the face Saturday night at a family party.  Needless to say, my husband was a sad boy when he had to turn them down.

Challenges like this force us to really look at our issues with food.  Although it is tempting to throw the chocolate cake in the face of the person that set it in front of us, it is important to look at what that cake represents.  Often we feel like eating unhealthy food or grabbing that delicious vanilla latte is a “reward” but that is what we need a dig deeper into.  Why is it a reward to consume something that does not make us feel our best?  Doesn’t it feel more like a reward to feel and look incredible? While eating a bite of chocolate cake does give us instant gratification, most of us don’t stop at a bite and the snowball effect of heightened blood sugar ensues.

But, sometimes we just need a treat so here is an idea while you are cleansing.  Make a chocolate shake when you are feeling like you need a reward.  There are some recipes on Pepperclip but here is the one that I made today after being woken up by my daughter at 2am and then proceeding to clean the house until 5:30 am and then going back to sleep until 7am before waking to make everyone breakfast, lunches, smoothies and snacks.  Needless to say, I needed a reward today.

Reward Smoothie

1 banana

1 c unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp maple syrup

1 heaping tbsp organic cocoa

1 huge handful raw organic spinach

2 inches organic cucumber

1 tbsp raw organic almond butter


Moving into Raw week or just week 2 depending on your plan, remember that you are not on a road of deprivation and if you feel deprived then we need to fix that.  You are on a road of health and happiness.  This is the reward so relish it!

Wish me luck….back to school in the morning.  I have cold feet because I know that I wont get as much time to spend with my kiddos and  with all of you in cyber space and this means I really have to get organized…no more lazy days cooking and cleaning. Until we meet again… (hopefully tomorrow night!)


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