Day 8 – Going with the flow even when the flow sucks

Day 8 – Lemon water- check, smoothie-check, meditation….if by meditation you consider not freaking out about missing the first day of winter term because your daughter has a temperature of 101 degrees, then – check.

While I had intended on being in Biology right now beginning the study of genetics, instead I am sitting on the couch with my sick little girl and I am not freaking out.  This is a very big deal for my type A personality. However, I got a good night of sleep and the up side is that I get one more day to get my house clean and organized before the craziness really begins.  So, as I prepare to get really busy, I realize that now is a good time to set up an arsenal of 15 minute meals, not just for the cleanse but for always.  This week I will not be eating what my family eats because I don’t think I can get my 3 and 5 year old to eat a salad roll for dinner so they still need a healthy wholesome meal.  Although I discourage processed food, I love prepared items that help me get dinner on the table fast.  The difference if you are wondering, per my definition, is  prepared food that I grab at the market has no additives, preservatives, dyes or words that I can’t pronounce and processed food has one or all of those.  So, here is a 15 minute meal that my whole family likes.  This will still take a little preparation but very little time. This dish is not spicy, but it is very flavorful.

Green Thai Curried veggies over brown rice. Serves 2-4

Brown Rice (2 cups rice for 4 people)

Soak your brown rice over night in filtered water, strain and rinse in the morning.

Put rice in a crock pot on low with a ratio of 1 parts rice to 2.5 parts filtered water.  Leave it in there for the day so it is ready for dinner.

Curry Veggies (organic)

2 c. broccoli chopped

1 c. fresh green beans chopped to 2 in. pieces

2 c. cauliflower

2 c. kale chopped into small pieces

You can add organic tofu chopped in 1 inch cubes if you would like…you all know I don’t love soy but organic tofu is relatively unprocessed and will add some protein

4 c. coconut milk from carton or can (I hate cans but if you use a can, the Thai kitchen brand is good)

4 tbsp Thai kitchen green curry paste (more if you like a stronger taste)

3 tbsp fish sauce or 1tbsp tamari (yes, technically fish sauce is an animal product so you can use tamari until the cleanse is over or fish sauce, not a big deal)

Heat coconut milk, curry paste and fish sauce on the stove.  Add veggies and simmer for 5-7 minutes until veggies are cooked but not mushy.

Pour over rice and serve.

Of course, starting this meal with a big salad is great but sometimes you just need to get dinner on the table so this is a meal that will fill you up and keep you warm.  You will probably have leftovers too.  Here is a pick of my leftovers (no kale in this one)

Curry Leftovers








Now for some raw goodness,

Quick tomato and cucumber salad

1 medium cucumber

2 Roma tomatoes

1.5 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1.5 tbsp agave

1.5 tbsp mustard (make sure that it does not have malt vinegar which has gluten)

Salt and pepper to taste

Chop tomatoes and cucumbers into cubes and toss with sauce. Done!

Here is an idea for a quick and easy lunch that you can even take to work:

Greek Romaine wrap up

2 large Romaine leaves washed and dried

1 avocado mashed up

1 tomato sliced

½ cucumber sliced

2 tbsp chopped red onion

¼ c. Greek olives cut in half

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp red wine vinegar

Garlic powder

Dried Oregano

Hold your Romaine like a taco and fill with ½ of the remaining veggies.  Top with olive oil and vinegar.  Sprinkle some garlic powder and oregano and wrap it up! Repeat.


One thought on “Day 8 – Going with the flow even when the flow sucks

  1. Starting on my juice day today. Feeling good. I heavy loaded this one with cucumber and added a few bunches of mint to it so — although I know it isn’t summer — it’s actually a little lighter and fresher than the norm. CHEERS!

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