Day 9 – Juices and smoothies

Day 9 – Wow…I think school makes me hungry

In fact, I read that the brain basically uses all of the carbohydrates that we eat just to function and the protein do all of the other stuff (You can thank The Perfect Health Diet for that tidbit)…no wonder I feel like a text book and a snack bag go hand in hand.

Well, I had the privilege of eating at Blossoming Lotus last night and Prasad today, I am feeling very spoiled.  So, I am going to share some smoothie and juice combos with you that I snagged from my favorite vegan eateries.  But first, some business, our cleanse-friend Lori passed this helpful info onto me to share with all of you.

Whole Foods in Tanasbourne is doing a free tour and tasting of their gluten free products on Wednesday, January 18th at 11:00am.  You can register by calling 503-645-9200

I would love to be there but I will be crossbreeding plants in a lab, doesn’t that sound fun?

Oh, I wish I had something enlightened to share with all of you but I’ve got nothing…I will work on something absolutely fabulous for this weekend, promise!

Onto cleanse cocktails: Sadly I don’t have proportions from you because I have stolen these recipes but I will estimate.

My husband’s new favorite Protein shake from BL…Seriously this is like crack

1 banana

1 c coconut milk

1 tbsp spirulina

1 heaping scoop of vanilla hemp powder

1 tbsp raw peanut butter

Thai Greens from BL – again estimates


2 apples

1 lime

1/2 inch ginger

1/2 c basil

1/4 c cilantro

Supper crazy wellness shot from Prasad

This one will wake you up


1 inch ginger

1-2 lemon

Dash of cayenne

1/4 tsp Echinacea


Cheers, Drink up!



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