Day 17- yeah yeah yeah….everything in moderation

Day 17 -And yet another lesson in moderation is learned

There is some real value in knowing when too much of a good thing is just plain bad.  That is the lesson that I learned this week.  There is also some value in knowing your own biochemistry.  I am one of the few Americans that has exceptionally low cholesterol…like in the “you really need to eat some egg yolks and steak” kind of low. While that sounds great to many people, it actually is horrible.  Cholesterol is responsible for so any important things in our bodies like supporting cell walls, creating hormones, supporting a strong immune system and digestive track and much, much more.  On top of my low cholesterol, I have very low blood pressure and low iron levels.  So when I switched from my calcium/magnesium supplement last week to straight magnesium, which did not relax my muscles as well, I started to take double doses.  The double doses raised my magnesium levels but lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol even more.  Also, it caused heart arrhythmia.  So about four days ago I started to feel my heart taking double beats and skipping around like an old record.  On top of that, I was very tired which never happens to me on a cleanse.  If anything, I normally feel like an Energizer bunny. So, yesterday I had my very first EKG confirming heart arrhythmia which led the doctor to request a blood draw.  Which, inevitably meant that I was destined to pass out, which I did because guess what, my blood pressure dropped even lower. While I don’t have my blood results back, the doctor assumed that we would find what I already knew, my magnesium is too high and everything else is low.  So, here is the lesson…we are all different.  For most people taking a double dose of magnesium for a week would not be a big deal but for me, it tipped me over and poured me out.   However, anything can tip us over depending on our individual constitutions so it is really important to know your levels, pay attention to changes in how you feel and of course, not over dose on over-the-counter supplements…have I mentioned that I am really bad at moderation. Oh yes, and I should be back to normal in a few days.  Here is the upside, I had to slow down yesterday, way down so instead of running around the house like a mad woman last night, I sat around with my kiddos and made clay mustaches and peach muffins. It was lovely!




So, here is a continuation of some 15 minute recipes.  Now, these take more than 15 minutes to cook but only 15 to prepare.  The chili can take 15 minutes to make if you pre-cook your red beans, FYI.

Chili Marinara (The red bean chili uses a jar of organic marinara to save time)

Soak 2 cup of dry red beans overnight

Either cook red beans and do this on the stove top or throw all of this into a slow cooker for 8 hours with 3 additional cups of water.

1 jar marinara

1 c filtered water

soaked red beans

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp chili powder (less is you are serving kids…check for spiciness)

1 tsp sea salt

4 carrots

1 green pepper

4 garlic cloves

1 small white onion

Throw carrots into food processor and pulse until chunky, add green pepper, garlic and onion and continue to pulse until everythign is in small chunks…I make them really small so the kids can’t pick out the veggies.

Throw all ingredients into pot or slow cooker and cook for 30 minutes on medium uncovered.

Peachy Millet muffins from Whole Life Nutrition

2.5 c millet flour

1/2 c tapioca flour

1/2 maple syrup or coconut sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1.5 tsp xanthum gum

1 tsp baking soda

2 c purreed peaches

1/4 c melted coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla

Optional – add 1/2 c blueberries

Preheat oven to 375 F.

Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl

Puree peaches in a blender, measure out 2 cups. Whisk together peaches with vanilla and coconut oil and maple syrup if you used it.  Mix wet and dry ingredients together and spoon into oiled muffin tins .  Bake for 15-20 minutes and cool!

Time to lick the bowl!


2 thoughts on “Day 17- yeah yeah yeah….everything in moderation

  1. Oh my gosh Megan! Take care of yourself there is nothing worse than feeling like your going to have a heart attack. Im thinking about you …..while craving wine and decaf coffee there is no way I can live life forever without them, but maybe for a few more days.
    i love that on a day your supposed to be resting you did a full fledge art project…

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