Day 18 – make your own “Lara Bars”

Day 18 – Feeling good…

We are coming to the close of the cleanse, only a few more days.  When you are thinking about transitioning back onto some your pre-cleanse foods, be thoughtful about what you really want to put in your mouth now that you are well cleaned out.  In my book, gluten is a no-no but for you it may be OK or OK occasionally.  I feel there is enough current scientific evidence to deter me from wanting gluten in my house but we are all different so it may work for you and your family.  Another common food that inflames many people is dairy.  We have not talked about this much so I just want to give you some info about dairy before you go back to your lattes and cheese.  Although the “Got Milk” campaign has done its best to convince us that dairy is good, it really does not hold much worth unless it is consumed in its pure form before pasteurization because once it is pasteurized it has lost its valuable nutrients and the enzymes that help our bodies digest it.  Dairy proteins are very large and our bodies do not break them down well.  Also, many people are intolerant to lactose which is the sugar in dairy.  Most of us are born producing lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose but because we were not made to consume milk past breast-feeding, our lactase supply begins to dwindle at age 3 and eventually many of us don’t produce lactase at all.  Here are some symptoms that you can be looking for that may indicate dairy intolerance per Whole Life Nutrition (Segersten, 2011);

Gas, abdominal bloating/pain, diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia, nausea/vomiting, acid reflux, chronic headaches and migraines, joint pain/arthritis, rinitis, ear infections, hay fever, asthma, eczema, depression/mood swings, ADHD, bed wetting in kids.

My son has a chronic cough if he consumes dairy, my daughter gets an ear infection almost immediately and I get a full body inflammation including sore throat, overproduction of mucus and lethargy.  Also, it is extremely common for breastfeeding children to have “colic” due to their mom’s dairy consumption.There is a lot of info on dairy these days so if you want more reading you can check out (pro raw milk) or google “the china study” (against all dairy).

Ok, onto more exciting things….

My family eats at least 4 Lara Bars a day and sometimes more.  In my mind, they are a great snack because they are basically dates and nuts…sometimes some coconut, spices or cocoa.  Well, my favorite bar is the chocolate coconut chew.  So, we tried this one out today and I think I nailed it.  My incredible juicer has a grinding setting that will make nut butters or basically smash anything up that you feel like smashing or mashing. So this is how we did it!  (This can be done in a food processor…you will just need to mash it all together and make bar or ball shapes by hand)

Warning…the final product looks a little like poop so beware of the photos to follow….

cool juicer

12 pitted medjool dates

3/4 c soaked organic almonds

3 tbsp cocoa

4 tbsp shredded organic coconut

Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl first if you are using your juicer.  If you are using a food processor then you can just throw it all in.  I ran my mix through the juicer 3 times so it was very thoroughly blended.

Chocolate coconut chew

Ok, seriously, that is it!  Easy Peasy!



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