Day 22….oh wait, the cleanse is over

As you can tell, I have not adjusted to the cleanse finale.   Today I want to say that I have used my Vitamix 8 times since yesterday at 1pm.  My family and I are in love with it.  The kids are having fun throwing in their favorite fruits and veggies and seeing what happens.  Seriously, the coolest gift ever!

Also, many of you have emailed to share your accomplishments with me and I cannot tell you how happy and joyful it makes me feel to know that there are so many of you that have made amazing  and difficult changes in your lives that have made you feel healthier, stronger and maybe even sexier.

Well, this journey lasts a lifetime so keep moving forward and share your secrets with the ones you love so together we can all spread the wellness word.  Here is some useful info that you may want as you continue to feed your bodies whole nutritious grub.  I keep hearing about a place called Abby’s Table in SE Portland. They do a set menu, family style dinner twice a week and offer gluten, dairy and soy free cooking classes on Saturdays.  Looks like a great place to check out if you want some schooling or a good meal!

Also, if you have not signed up for Peas and Thank you Blog you are missing some great recipes….not all of them are soy free but I think most of them are gluten and dairy free.  Here is the latest gem from yesterday, I plan on making this Paella later this week…

Ok, now don’t think that I have gone out on a quest for my next liquor-fix or that I am recommending that you abuse  your newly cleansed liver but I found out today that there are some awesome parents  from my son’s class that happen to make Hard Apple Cider and that New Seasons and Whole Foods (as well as some other fine establishments) sell their stuff.  How cool is that?  What makes their brew better is that it is ORGANIC, LOCAL, AND GLUTEN-FREE.  Now if you have not thought about “gluten-free” in regards to drinking, you need to.  As far as I know you have the choice of wine, tequila, potato vodka and now FINNEGAN CIDER.  Check out their awesome site, . See, who said going gluten-free is no fun? Come on, you just have to get a little crazy!

OK friends…carry on.  Until tomorrow!



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