If it looks like coffee and it tastes like coffee….it must be teeccino!!!!

Very few things provide me the pleasure that a good cup of coffee can offer first thing in the morning.  However, after a long and often abusive relationship, coffee and I had to make a split last year.   And as often as my self-loathing forces me back into the arms of  my abusive ex, each time I try to rekindle what we once had, I am slapped down.  It is a harsh reminder of the many reasons I slammed the door in coffee’s face and walked away in the first place.   As amazing as the rich, deep flavor and aromatically pleasing smell can be, coffee can also put the endocrine system into overdrive and create addiction.  Coffee also creates an acidic environment in the body creating a breeding ground for disease.  For me, I respond to the abuse with headaches and deep muscle pain, so as painful as it is, coffee and I are not destined for love.

So, you can only begin to imagine the sheer joy that I experienced when I was introduced to TEECCINO!!!!!  This is a non-coffee that tastes like coffee with NO caffeine!!! Holy smokes, how am I just finding out about this amazing replacement for my long-time vice?  While I was at Gerson, Eric the Awesome, introduced me to this coffee-imposter and so when I got back to Portland I set out on a mission to find my new morning brew.  Not as easy as it may sound, after perusing my normal food venues I ended up at Peoples coop on SE 21st.  I was so intent on remembering my own jars to fill with dishwashing detergent and almond butter (I do love a coop) that I almost forgot my mission, TEECCINO!  Thankfully, as I rounded the corner to grab a snack for the munchkins, there it was in all of its shiny, coffee-replacing glory priced at a not-so-cheap $9.79 a bag (totally worth it, BTW).

So, now you are wondering, well if it is not coffee but it tastes like coffee…what the hell is it?  Well, my bag of glory which is labeled Vanilla Nut, contains organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, dates, almonds, organic dates, natural vanilla extract, natural nut flavor and organic figs. Somehow, those nine ingredients work together to trick the taste buds into  an “MMMMMM coffee” response for a reasonable 20 calories.  Hallelujah!

Now, To me, coffee is no fun without half and half.  Sorry, I just can’t do coconut milk in my coffee..it feel like a complete waste of deliciousness.  So, if you have to do dairy, do the good stuff.  Nothing makes me happier (besides coffee) than getting my milk in a jar, so I am pairing my TEECCINO with Straus family organic half and half…how cute is that bottle?  Ahhh, my ritual is back and I am none the more hyper for it.

You can order this online, just google it up (that was my son’s darling BFF suggestion to me after I struggled to answer his inquiry about who made the sand and the ocean…so cute…shout out to Cru)!

Cheers to your new morning love affair!

Bedhead+cartoons + teeccino = LOVE

Off to make Finn a cup of teeccino…yes, this is safe for kids…even better!!!


2 thoughts on “If it looks like coffee and it tastes like coffee….it must be teeccino!!!!

  1. Yes, my accupunctureist introduced me to this last year, you can buy at New Seasons too! Sadly I’m back on the decaf need to set myself straigh sometime soon:)

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