And this is why I don’t eat out of cans…..

Some of you already received my rant-ish little email last night about BPA in cans. Well, for years I have banned the use of cans in my house.  Recently, I loosened up a little bit in order to buy tuna for my kiddos but I always buy BPA free cans.  I am convinced that the lining in BPA cans is still poisonous and dangerous….but a little less that the full-blown regular tin can.

Last night I was checking out a webzine that I caught wind of and saw this article written by a nurse.

The shocking statement in this article is “a study late 2011 that found people who eat a serving of canned soup for five consecutive days could raise their urinary BPA levels by a whopping 1,000%— is good enough reason to ban BPA from your home.”

Here is another good article about how BPA is linked to cancer and other horrible chronic diseases:

Seriously people!  Canned food is linked to cancer so ditch the cans.  The most common question I get is “How do you make your beans?” And my answer is, the normal way which tastes amazing!  So here it is!

Soak your beans over night is purified water.

The next morning stick them in the crock pot with triple the volume of water to beans.  Chop up 2-4 garlic cloves and 1 white onion with a little salt if you would like to and take off for the day.

Come home to delicious beans.  I do this with pretty much all beans.  If you want the re-fried taste, just mash-up your beans and if you must throw them in a pan with a little grape seed oil or fry them up to get them warm.

I ALWAYS make extra beans.  And this is how I store them!

black beans in a wide mouth mason jar

I store them in their juices so they do not dry out and take them out t thaw two days before needed.  And, I do the same thing with rice …


This is a safe and easy way to store your left overs for another meal!  Remember that if you are using plastic or anything lines with plastic, it probably contains BPA unless it specifically states that it does not.

Here’s to your health!



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