One Smoothie, I mean breath at a time

This is right around the time in a cleanse when I start thinking about what kind of smoothie I am having for dinner while I am sipping my breakfast smoothie.  Why am I worrying about dinner at breakfast?  I have no idea other than it must be my habit of “buying trouble” or rushing through this precious life.  Thankfully, I was slapped in the face by an “aha” moment yesterday. Yesterday morning I pulled myself out of bed at 5:45 to go to Kristi’s 6:30 am Mornin’ Joe class at Yoyo Yogi.  I always intend to make it to her class but normally by Friday I am in no mood to get out of bed before my kiddos force me out with breakfast requests. However, summer break is forcing me into more early morning yoga dates since my free time during the day is nil.

So, a few minutes into class I start running away with my thoughts, discarding my ujjayi breath for thoughts of yard work and house work. Right about the time when I start to think Kristi is trying to kill us, which snaps me out of my streaming to-do list, Kristie reassures us that we will live through her crescent lunge series with this super profound statement “Don’t worry guys, its just one breath, not the whole practice!”  I take a look at the clock, 30 minutes to go, and then it sinks in.  I could be in this pose for 30 more minutes but all I have to do is worry about this one inhale.  So, I zero my mind in…inhale slow, exhale slower, inhale, exhale.  And then the joy came…ahhhh, sweet presence. How amazing life is when we are where we are.  A few minutes later we were about to repeat the difficult sequence on the other side so I took my breath with me and it was actually fun instead of what I may have previously categorized as borderline miserable.

I lay in savasana, thinking about how much less anxiety and more happiness I would have if I lived in the inhale or the breakfast smoothie without worrying about the exhale or the dinner smoothie. While there are times in our lives when we have to plan ahead and think about tomorrow, there are so many times when we don’t.  In those moments try to breathe in the present, the discomfort, the joy, the pain, the monotony, the smells, sounds, the laughter, the tears, the sweetness that can only be found in that moment and then is lost forever.  It is a practice, it is yoga and I love it.  I only get rare glimpses of this thing called presense so thank you Kristi, you reeled me back into living, at least for the moment!

Now, to you cleansers out there….it is breakfast time and we are on liquid right now so stick with it…one smoothie at a time. You have the plan, you know you are on smoothies and juice for four days but who cares.  Just worry about breakfast, you will have plenty of time later to worry about lunch.

Cheers to smoothies, and breathing and living! Happy weekend!



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