Dear Tomato, how I love thee


My favorite time of year for produce is right now because tomatoes are falling off the vine and there is nothing better than a tomato from your back yard.  In honor of my little red friend, I am sharing my favorite tomato recipe with you.  This is a recipe that Bobby found in a “Food and Wine” years ago.  We have since lost the recipe so we throw it together each time by memory and even without exact measurements, it is always amazing.  So, here is an approximation of this amazing recipe.  The best part…It takes about 2 minutes to make this sauce and it only have a tiny list of ingredients.

Throw the following into a blender or food processor.  Make sure to remove the tomato stems first.

3 med tomatoes
1/2 c olive oil
1 tsp salt
about 10 basil leaves
1 large garlic clove or 2 small
2 tbsp tomato paste
5 sun dried tomatoes (I used the ones that are packed in oil)

In the meantime, boil your pasta.  I use rice pasta and this sauce is best with pasta shapes like fusilli, penne, etc. because they have lots of nooks and crannies for sauce to get stuck in. Once your pasta is boiled, strain it and throw the sauce in. Toss and serve immediately.  This is such a refreshing and delicious meal!!!

A couple of little notes about the recipe.  Any tomato works for this so whatever looks the most beautiful in your yard, at the farmer’s market, or your local grocery store.  Regarding the tomato paste, most of you know I hate cans so I use a paste that is in a little jar at New Seasons which I like because unlike a can, you can put the lid back on and save it in the fridge.  This recipe does not keep well for leftovers if you use gluten-free pasta but you can make extra sauce and freeze the sauce to pull out and mix with pasta later.  I will be making this in bulk this week and storing for the winter.  And lastly, another amazing way to eat this is over raw zucchini pasta which can be made with a spiral slicer (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets).  Dunk the zucchini pasta in boiling water for 5 seconds, remove, strain and mix with sauce. 


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