Deck the halls with boughs of produce…fa la la la la la la la la

I’m back to the blog.  It is my busiest time of year with less than three weeks remaining in my fall term and Christmas around the corner.  However, this year, I will be ringing in the holidays a little bit differently.  About four weeks ago, my dear friend “G” was diagnosed with breast cancer.  What began as stage-one with a low likelihood for chemo or treatment after surgery has turned into a messier situation.  After surgery, a secondary tumor was found in the muscle and in a lymph node.  As I write, my friend is in another surgery and in six weeks she is scheduled to begin chemotherapy followed by radiation.  Her doctors have told her this will be a two year plan.

So, G asked me to help her get her immune system in tip top condition as she has had a suppressed immune system for years, possibly because her system was trying to kill this cancer off.  Knowing that chemo will knock her down, she wants to get as strong as possible on a cellular and metabolic level to withstand the side effects of her treatment.  We have decided to move forward with a modified Gerson Therapy. This therapy uses fresh pressed juices, slow cooked vegetables and raw vegetable salads along with coffee enemas to detox the liver and provide the body with every imaginable vitamin, mineral and enzyme that it needs to do its job properly.  I have been studying this method for a few years and it is often used to treat cancer and other auto-immune disorders.  In 2011 I volunteered at their institute in San Diego for four days and was amazed by the healing stories I heard from family members and survivors.

Anyway, I decided that if G was going to do it, I would too. I have not been 100% for a long time so this is as good a time as any to jump back on the produce wagon and clean out.  It has occurred to me that it is the holidays, i.e. cocktails, sweets, wine, and rich food.  But then I realized that consumption has nothing to do with why I love the holidays.  I love the traditions with my kids, decorating our home and tree, presents on Christmas morning in our PJ’s and finding elf on the shelf every morning.  None of that involves food.  In addition, I live in a free country and can eat and drink what I want whenever I choose to, so in six weeks when this is over I can have a hot buttered run if that sounds delicious ( I doubt that it will).
So, six weeks of cleansing delicious food while we celebrate the holidays and everything we have to be hopeful and thankful for.  I will blog along the way, hardships, successes and maybe some updates of my lovely, beautiful and strong friend. Wish me luck with the coffee enemas, I think I prefer coffee from the other direction but I can’t knock it ’til I try it.  One thing I can say for sure is that I am going to ring in 2014 with a large glass of green juice and a lot of gratitude!



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