Goodbye cravings…


I always forget how good it feels to not be tempted by food cravings.  Normally on day four of a cleanse I hit my happy place, but it is day three and I am feeling pretty stupendous.  Yesterday afternoon I had a few muscle aches but no headaches like I had on day one.  Here is my testament to how awesome detox is…

Last night Finn woke me up at 2:45 wanting to climb into bed.  Then Parker woke up, then Finn woke up, then Parker woke up.  So I ended up coming downstairs at 3:15 to make them banana bread for breakfast and do some homework.  I had a fasting blood test at 9 today so I could not have any juice but I felt fine.  I finally tried to fall back asleep on the couch at 5:30 and Parker came down at 6am ready to find the darn Elf on the Shelf, Tommy Tinkerson. In a raspy and slightly scary voice I told him to get his bottom back upstairs until 7 and let me sleep. 

Eventually we made it to school and I made it to my blood draw which was the most horrible draw I have ever had.  Let me just say that by now I had fasted for 14 hours and she took me back for my draw an hour after my appointment time of 9am.  Since I have put this blood test off for 5 months due to my complete and total fear of needles, I stuck it out.  However, she was so frazzled by the time she took me back that I knew it was going to be a disaster.  She tried both arms and said she could not get enough blood (PS I am very well hydrated, in case you wanted to assign any blame to me).  She also left the tourniquet on my arm the whole time which I have never experienced.  I was a hyperventilating mess by the time she finished at which time she told me I would have to come back for more blood at another time…yeah, right.

OK, what is my point?  Through all of this, I still feel pretty darn good.  Normally when I get no sleep my immune system almost immediately suffers and I get a sore throat.  After a stressful event like a blood draw, I normally crash. Today, I am merely sleepy.  I will take it.  So, here is the Gerson soup that I am making today.  I am not going to use the soup mill but I am going to make soup with no salt which will be VERY interesting.

Happy Wednesday!


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