Easter eggs – au naturale



In the minds and hearts of children, the real egg cannot compete with the thrill of finding and opening its synthetic plastic impersonator only to reveal a sugary treat. However, I refuse to let another year go by without giving the Egg its rightful purpose in life.  This year I want to make deviled eggs or egg salad or something delicious from the beautifully dyed Easter eggs that are left to rot after the hunt is finished.    However, I am not going to eat eggs dyed in toxic waste or whatever is in the junk from the store.  So, I just found this lovely egg article with directions for dying eggs with foods like beets, coffee, spinach, etc.  I had to pass this along before the weekend when we, parents, role up our sleeves and dye dozens of eggs. My kids typically lose interest after a couple of eggs so this is our chance to play and get creative! 


Happy egg hunting!



2 thoughts on “Easter eggs – au naturale

  1. Did you actually do this when I saw the list of ingredients to make the dye I decided to embrace the cheap dye and just not eat the eggs;)

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